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The Benefits of Maternity Compression Tights during Pregnancy

Maternity TightsPregnancy can be a difficult path for many women with a great deal of physical changes to cope with. With such a lot to get used to, oftentimes the mother-to-be may develop all sorts of aches and pains which can make pregnancy a stressful time. Maternity support garments are designed to help to alleviate many of these side effects such as; swollen ankles, varicose veins and a general feeling of fatigue and achiness in the legs. Read on for an explanation of some of the benefits.

Issues During Pregnancy
One of the biggest problems during the latter stages of pregnancy is coping with the extra weight. You can find yourself with aching and tired limbs which often cause women to feel stressed in addition to lacking in energy. There is a risk of decreased blood flow during these latter stages also as maintaining good circulation through being active is difficult when all you want to do is rest your aching body!

Issues After Pregnancy
After pregnancy, your body can be left with stretch marks and varicose veins which can leave you feeling less than attractive. There may also be swelling in areas of muscle which have not been used as often throughout the pregnancy as they were before the pregnancy. All these symptoms can be relieved by the use of specialist maternity support tights and other compression hosiery.

How Do Maternity Support Tights Work?
Compression works by preventing tissue expansion which, in combination with the movement of muscles, helps to send blood and tissue fluid to the heart, improving circulation and alleviating pain. Compression hosiery therefore can help to not only prevent deep vein thrombosis (which can be a risk to women who are not as easily mobile as others due to the pregnancy) but can also be used to treat the condition too. Compression sleeves exist for both arms and legs so it can be easy to find something to help with whatever aches and pains you may come across during each trimester. Finally, maternity compression garments such as support tights are an excellent way of preventing and treating varicose veins which are a common after-effect of pregnancy. Light and medium weight compression tights work by squeezing the lower leg to help increase blood flow which, in turn, stops the pain and can stop the varicose veins from forming. We currently stock a variety of maternity tights over a range of compressions.

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