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5 Tips for Long Haul Flight Survival

With the summer holidays just around the corner for many people, some will have the daunting prospect of a long haul flight in mind.

While the destination is (usually) always worth the journey, the thought of spending 12 hours on a plane can be overwhelming, especially if you’re travelling with children.

In our blog post this week, we’ll show you how you can take the edge off spending hours in the sky and make your long haul flight just a little more bearable.

Break up the hours

When you’ve just finished watching a Hollywood blockbuster and you still have 10 hours of flight time left, the frustration and disappointment can be overwhelming. Think ahead and try to plan activities for the flight, whether that’s taking some work on the flight, packing a good book or games you can play. Also factor in sleep, the greatest of the time killers. The more you’re able to plan for, the quicker the time will go.


Good preparation is the key to long haul flight survival. Fill up your tablet with all of the TV programmes and films you haven’t got around to watching yet and pack your hand luggage wisely so that everything you need is at the top of your bag. If you’ve got little ones with you then the same approach to their luggage will save you, and your fellow passengers, a good level of sanity.


Although this option isn’t achievable for everyone, upgrading is a must if you have the money or the frequent flyer points. The extra leg room is worth the money on its own, without all the other luxuries you can expect from each airline.

And if you can’t afford to upgrade, there are a few ways you can try to blag your way to a nice freebie…

Choose your seats wisely

If upgrading isn’t an option, then there are ways to make your money go a little further. Take a look at SeatGuru and see which seats in economy will give you more leg room than others. For those with a little extra patience and an eye for a bargain, you can also check for sale offers on business class flights. If you can grab a bargain, you could end up paying less to travel towards the front of the plane than those that are stuck in the back.

Prevent DVT

For long distance travel, protecting your health is essential. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can be caused by inactivity over a long period of time and long haul flights can be a cause of this issue.

Make sure you get plenty of exercise by walking up and down the aisles, stretching throughout the flight and wearing flight socks. You can also do the following to prevent symptoms occurring:

-          Hydrate well the night before the flight, preferably with electrolyte drinks

-          Don’t drink alcohol the night before the flight

-          Avoid diuretics such as coffee, soft drinks and chocolate

-          Take an aspirin the night before and the day of your flight to thin your blood which will help to prevent blood clots from forming

The lure of exotic, far flung destinations is a luxury for everyone that is able to get there, but a long haul flight can be a daunting prospect for many of us. With the right preparation and a little forward planning, it’s possible to protect both your health and your sanity if you’re taking a long distance trip this summer.