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Starting the Day Off Right - Breakfast Bites

We’ve all heard the adages related to how we eat; an apple a day keeps the doctor away, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, and so on and so on! Advice relating to how, what and when we eat is plentiful and new nutritional science is always emerging.

We’re well aware that eating breakfast is good for our health and there’s more new evidence to support this idea.


Scientists Research Indirect Effects of Missing Breakfast

The findings of a new study as reported in The Guardian indicate that skipping the morning meal could be linked to poor cardiovascular health. It found that by missing the meal, we could end up with a greater extent of the early stages of atherosclerosis which is a buildup of fatty materials inside the arteries.

It’s not directly because of missing breakfast that this is more likely to take place, but because of indirect effects instead. Valentin Fuster, co-author of the research said:

“People who skip breakfast, not only do they eat late and in an odd fashion, but [they also] have a poor lifestyle”.

Study Details

Over 4,000 individuals were studied. A questionnaire was filled in and health measures such as body mass index and smoking status were taken.

Compared to those who consumed 20% of their calories at breakfast, those who skipped breakfast had a greater extent of atherosclerosis. It is thought that this is due to consuming calories at unusual times of the day and disrupting the body’s internal clock as a result of no morning meal. There were limitations to the study though such as the measurements only being taken over one time period.

What’s thought could be the main impact of it is in recognising the need for lifestyle advice in a preventative way for those who regularly miss breakfast.

Hungry? Go and get a hearty breakfast - it’s good for your health!

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