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The Bright Future of Compression

The future of compression has been making headlines throughout April as news of the benefits of compression to health continue to spread.

According to recent research, the market for compression therapy is set to hit $3.96 billion by 2022 as effective treatments for a variety of ailments such as deep vein thrombosis, leg ulcers and lymphedema are sought by a growing population.

A growing range of compression products, as well as wider compression therapy services is expected to drive this growth, with more people expected to use these techniques to benefit from its ability to alleviate disorders associated with diabetes, sports injury and older age.

In addition to the report, there were more signs of the growth in the appeal of products such compression stockings and tights with recent articles in Vogue and Men’s Fitness highlighting the benefits of compression to improve recovery after exercise.

With more people than ever expected to take advantage of compression products, take a look at our range of sports compression socks today.