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Can Flight Socks Cure Snoring?

It seems to be the most sought after cure after the common cold, but it seems the secret to a peaceful night’s sleep could come in the form of flight socks.

According to research by the University of Toronto in Canada, flight socks reduce the amount of fluid that builds up in the lower parts of the legs during the day, which can lead to a condition known as sleep apnoea.

Patients with sleep apnoea experience an excess amount of fluid around the neck, causing the muscles to collapse and leading to snoring as air vibrates against the tissue as it gets in the way. This can lead to breathing being shut off, with sufferers waking with a jolt once the body reacts.

The end result is a disturbed night sleep for the sufferer, often without them knowing why as they will frequently fall back to sleep soon afterwards and not remember waking in the first place.

It also leads to a restless night for unfortunate partners, who will be woken an average of 20 times per night by their snoring companion.

According to the research, flight socks help to alleviate the symptoms of this condition by  squeezing the lower leg and preventing the buildup of fluid that would ordinarily travel to the neck once the sufferer is lying down and cause snoring.

The results showed that men who’d worn the flight socks had less fluid moving to their neck and the number of times their sleep was disrupted was cut in half, from more than 30 times an hour to around 15.

While flight socks won’t be a cure in their own right, the research suggests that they can certainly help to alleviate the worst symptoms of sleep apnoea and lead to a less disrupted night’s sleep for sufferers.