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How the Cold Winter Shows the Importance of Health and Wellbeing

It’s fair to say that the state of the NHS has been making up a large percentage of news headlines over the last two months, with a bitterly cold winter putting the health service under the most intense strain on resources in decades. With patients queuing in corridors and waiting times comfortably over four hours in many places, the thought of a trip to hospital is even less appealing than it would be during other times of year.

There are a number of reasons for the spike in demand for NHS services. As well as the cold weather and a stronger strain of “Aussie flu”, factors such as an ageing population and lifestyle issues are causing more of us to seek help through the winter months. So is there anything we can do to avoid using the health services’ resources?

Flu Jab

The Government provides free flu jabs for those most vulnerable to catching the illness, but according to recent data, fewer than half of those eligible for the free jab have taken one this winter. This includes vulnerable groups such as the over 65s, who are on course to miss the Government’s target of 75% of eligible people taking up the jab.

The Government and the Health Service is urging those that are in the most vulnerable groups to take their free flu jab and help to alleviate the strain on hospitals as the flu season progresses through what’s left of the winter. And if a free jab helps keep you out of hospital, it seems to be a clear choice.

Healthy Choices

People of all ages now realise the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. From regular walking and running to something  more vigorous, exercise can help to keep the body healthy and avoid dreaded hospital stays. But what about avoiding injury and health issues while exercising?

Issues such as blood clots and varicose veins can be an unfortunate side-effect of exercise, as well as long haul travel which could also be a factor for those looking to avoid the flu season entirely by escaping to warmer climes.

Compression sports socks and stockings can help to alleviate these symptoms and allow you to exercise and travel in safety, giving you a boost in escaping the dreaded winter flu over the coming months.

Christmas may be over, but winter still has a lot of life left in it. Make sure you take steps to prevent winter illnesses and have a safe start to 2018.