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How Compression Hosiery Can Help Venous Leg Ulcers

Compression Tights LloverasVenous leg ulcers affect up to two million people a year and whilst the current treatment normally involves unsightly compression bandages, a new study suggests that support hosiery could offer an alternative which is both easier and more cost-effective.

What are venuous leg ulcers?

When veins in the leg become blocked or restricted venuous leg ulcers can occur, resulting in the loss of skin below the knee either on the leg or foot. At the moment, the prognosis for recovery is six weeks although many experts suggest the true healing time could be up to nine months, with the possibility of the condition recurring for as long as five years. The wounds can be incredibly painful and have a detrimental effect on the patient's quality of life.

Currently, the treatment for this condition involves the constant changing of compression bandages which can be both unsightly and cause restricted movement due to their thickness, leaving patient's feeling despondent and frustrated. This treatment also has cost implications on the NHS, requiring nurses to change bandages frequently.

The Study

The below information is taken from Medical News Today, the study itself was published in The Lancet:

- The study used 454 patients for the trial; each was randomly allocated either the stockings or the traditional bandages for testing
- Results showed the median time it took for the ulcer to heal was similar in both cases - compression stockings and bandages
- The ulcer took 99 days to heal for the stocking-clad participants, compared with 98 days for the bandage group
- Researchers noted that not everyone liked wearing the stockings, 38% of people changed from this to another treatment, compared with 27% of those using the traditional compression bandages


Using compression hosiery to treat leg ulcers works just as well as using traditional bandages - it also reduces NHS staffing costs by lowering the need to constantly change patient’s dressings.

Patient's who may have previously found their bandages less than aesthetically-pleasing also have the advantage of a slightly more attractive option, with the added benefit of extra mobility - something which had previously been restricted due to the bandages themselves as well as the condition for which they are intended to treat.

Perhaps the better-known uses of support hosiery such as the prevention of blood clots and treatment of sleep apnea can now be extended to treat other conditions that may have been overlooked before; it’s looking as though we can add another benefit to compression hosiery’s already vast repertoire! Take a look onsite for some of the compression brands we stock including Sigvaris, Cette, Falke and Lloveras.

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April 04, 2014