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GQ Magazine Talks Compression

Mens_Advert_Compression_StockingCompression clothing has long been hailed by physicians and scientists as one of the most effective ways to treat a number of medical issues. From DVT and lymphadema to recovery from surgery, compression stockings and other clothing has become infinitely helpful to anyone struggling with these conditions, and now GQ has cottoned on to the trend.

The Many Uses

As well as being used for various medical conditions, professional sports people use support hosiery for a variety of reasons. Compression keeps blood pumping through muscles used during play and after and has a soothing effect on aching limbs. Support clothing has been particularly effective in the world of endurance sports with many participants using supportive gear on every part of the body.

But it's not just the professionals who have much to gain from implementing compression into their lives, those who go to the gym frequently and enjoy a lot of exercise can relieve sore limbs and muscles after a work out and increase blood velocity. Equally, people who aren’t as physically active or women during pregnancy can use it for the same benefits. Furthermore, unsightly varicose veins can be helped by compression, both medically and aesthetically.

New Popularity

Only recently has compression seen a huge and deserved rise in popularity in the sports and gym world. As well as the aforementioned benefits, sportsmen and women also enjoy the streamlined effect created by tight compression clothing and some have seen their performance increase after use.

GQ Magazine

Men’s magazine GQ recently published an online article discussing the benefits of compression stockings for people who do not currently suffer from medical ailments. It’s beautifully written, informative and definitely worth a read

The Leg-Care Company stocks a variety of support stockings from well-established and quality brands for both men and women, helping you to easily purchase the right product to incorporate into your lifestyle. For professionals and laymen alike, using compression can be a huge help not just for those with physical ailments but also in a preventative manner.

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13th May, 2014