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Men in Tights: Hot New Fashion Trends Highlight Medical Benefits of Compression

Mens StyleCompression hosiery has proven itself as a useful and necessary tool in the battle against conditions such as varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis, however men may be slightly embarassed about wearing tights, which are more traditionally worn by women. It appears though that the world’s fashion designers are looking to hosiery as a comfortable alternative to other men’s clothing…

Why Fashion is Embracing Tights

The idea of men wearing tights is reminiscent of the old Robin Hood film in which men in tights were comedic and a subject for laughs. However, what was primarily a female-oriented piece of hosiery worn by men only in the realms of dance and gymnastics has now become something of a step forward for the world of fashion.

Male hosiery has proven a popular alernative to shorts and tracksuit bottoms because of its comfort and flexibility and the creatively titled new trend for man leggings, or ‘meggings’, has seen the taboo dissipate and the benefits become clearer for those who may want to wear them for existing medical conditions or the prevention of new ones.

Why Choose Tights Over Other Clothing?

Compression garments have medical benefits but the recent fashion-related bonus could potentially see more men using them for every day problems they may have previously overlooked. Designers have realised the flexibility of meggings as being able to be worn all year round – with the most obvious audience being gym-goers that need the benefits when exercising as opposed to tracksuits and shorts which can be less easy to manouver in.

Other benefits are purely aesthetic with many fashion houses citing the combination of smarter garments with the casual aspect of tights (worn on their own or underneath shorts) as being an interesting and innovative look. A great number of celebrities are willing to embrace this new trend so it has the potential to reach a huge number of men who may have been less than willing to try them out before.

Compression Stockings for Medical Reasons

With tights becoming a more mainsteam part of fashion the medical benefits of compression have the potential to become more widely recognised. Whilst many use them to help fight against existing medical conditions or for recovery after surgery, there are benefits to be seen in the prevention of conditions too such as deep vein thrombosis. Men in tights? We say – why not!

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13th May, 2014