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The New Elderly Home Care Aid: Meet Steve, The Robot

Home with Blue SkyThe Independent published a fascinating story about a potential new aid that could help elderly people with their social care needs. We introduce Stevie!

An Aid, Not a Replacement

The creators of the prototype are adamant that Stevie will not take jobs, but instead provide a crucial aid to overworked and stressed carers that are struggling to meet patient needs. Stevie cannot replace a human, but instead help with timely tasks that over-stretched carers struggle to complete.

Some examples of tasks Stevie can help with are; keeping a check on whether someone is well and reminding someone to take medication. It can also help if a room sensor detects that someone has fallen over, by taking control of the robot and contacting emergency services if necessary. Stevie can also help facilitate calls and regulate room temperature and light levels.

A Helping Hand for Many

Whereas current technology of this nature may have limitations, as Stevie is able to talk, make gestures, show facial expressions and display text the creators argue that he is more accessible to many. For example, if someone cannot hear - what good is technology that relies on voice activation? Multiple modes of communication make this tool more available to those with different ailments and needs.


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