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Over 60? It’s Time For Twitter!

The British Psychological Society recently released findings on social interaction and older people, and the result? Read on…

Social Ties = Elevated Health

Although being more active socially may not seem a likely cure or way to alleviate emotional and physiological stress, the study showed that being active on social networks led to a higher involvement in social activities. The effect of this increased social activity, was better health outcomes.

Study Sample

This particular finding is from one in a group of studies put together for a specialist edition of the medical journal, Health Psychology. This study took place in Pennsylvania, and examined data from nearly 3,000 individuals with an average age of 70, re-recording and comparing data from the same sample again 4 years later. Hopefully, the long term nature of this particular study can only add more credence to its findings.

Another US study found a correlation between older people that had social roles in their local church or with volunteering and lung health. Whether that’s because of all the additional nattering we don’t know – but it’s interesting to read all the same!

Esther Rantzen

One of our favourite personalities, Esther Rantzen launched a new helpline in November 2013 to help elderly people struggling with the effects of loneliness. It is called The Silver Line and manned 24 hours per day – learn more about it here.

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27th June, 2014