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Can Compression Make You Happy?

SmileysCompression stockings are receiving a great deal of media attention as they become more popular both in terms of medicine and fashion. Now, a German hosiery company are making headlines with their new acupuncture socks, begging the question of just exactly what compression will be used for next?!

Medi’s Acupuncture Stockings

German company Medi have invented a type of compression hosiery which offers the same benefits as acupuncture for the legs. Medi’s Item M6 stockings use the same material normally used for compression hosiery and sportswear and are designed to put pressure on a particular vein to relieve stress and encourage a general feeling of wellbeing in the wearer. But can these compression/acupuncture socks really elevate a person’s mood?

The Medi Item M6 compression stockings focus the pressure on a specific point of the leg, just above the ankle known as the M6 vein. Medi give so much weight to this particular part of leg that they have named their socks after it.

Physiological Benefits

In acupuncture terms, the M6 vein is a pressure point just above the ankle which is said to promote digestion and can aid in healthy liver function. In ancient Chinese medicine, the M6 vein was known was the spleen point and is one of the most widely-used acupuncture points to help with overall wellbeing. Other reported benefits on the body include better circulation, increased energy and stress reduction.

Do They Work?

Well… you can find out! A reporter for The Guardian trialled the product – read their conclusion here.  In the meantime shop our compression stockings, socks and tights here.

10th June, 2015