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Compression for Fashion: Paris Fashion Week Markets Support Hosiery

TED Compression SockCompression hosiery has been making waves in the fashion industry frequently in the past few months. Now, it appears that the look of compression socks has become even more popular as catwalk designers and fashionistas find both the look and the effect of these items to be highly sought after.

Attractive and Effective

Many companies have realised that the demand for effective compression socks that come in high-fashion styles and colours is increasing. The demand has risen so dramatically, for both young generations who are interested in the benefits to blood pressure, and keen sportspeople who are looking for a way to help rebuild muscle after a workout. However, it is not just the effects that many are interested in; those concerned with a fashionable aesthetic are finding their options growing as compression hosiery companies cotton (pun intended!) on to the draw of designs that are more pleasing to the eye whilst still being highly effective. 

With compression socks, the blood is pushed throughout the length of the leg, rather than pooling in the lower leg and ankle which can cause no end of ailments. Although many people believe that compression is for the elderly or those suffering with poor mobility and circulation problems, compression is becoming more talked about among the younger generations who are looking for a way to preserve both the youthful look and function of their legs.

High Fashion, High Quality

The compression sock look has been seen a lot on the catwalks lately, particularly during London and Paris Fashion Week. The preppy, geek-chic style is supported particularly by the use of knee-length stockings which fit snugly around the leg and compression socks have both the style and effect to help maintain a healthy body and a great look.

Here at The Leg-Care Company, we like to keep abreast of the fashion news surrounding compression socks and our varied range of products mean there is something for everyone, whether you’re a fashion forward type or even if you don’t know your A-line from your jeggings. Sigvaris is one of our most popular brands with a massive range of styles and colours to suit everyone. For avid walkers, the Sigvaris Mountain Walking Socks are colourful and stylish, perfect for rambling in the summer months and also great for the geek-chic look mentioned earlier. Whether it’s style or function you want, Sigvaris has something for everyone.

Men and Compression

For discerning gentleman who would like to use compression socks but doesn’t know how to incorporate them into a day-to-day wardrobe, JOBST for Men Below the Knee Support Socks come in a subtle style that can be worn every day without obviously appearing as medical grade socks. Perfect for both day wear and evening wear, JOBST offer great graduated compression in a sophisticated, classic style.

Some people feel as though it would be too obvious to others that they are wearing compression hosiery due to the age-old myth that this is comprised of unattractive white pieces which make for an ugly aesthetic. However in recent years companies have made a strong effort to change the opinion of the masses in order to promote the health benefits whilst allowing wearers to not have to compromise on style. This encourages more people to include compression in their lifestyle and reap the numerous benefits whilst still looking and feeling great.

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15th April, 2015