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New Year’s Compression-Related Resolutions for a Healthier You

2015We are over a week into the new year and our new year’s resolutions are either in full swing or have already fallen by the wayside. Just because it’s aready one week into 2015, doesn’t mean it’s too late to start working towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Here, we take a look at some practical resolutions that can be easily implemented into your routine, and some compression-related resolutions to help keep your limbs working hard!

New Healthy You

When trying to start a healthy regime in the new year, it can be easy to aim for a huge target that may not be immediately achievable, particularly if you are new to the concept of exercise and healthy eating. Aiming to lose weight is a popular resolution, but aiming to lose too much can leave you feeling disappointed in yourself. It is important to choose an aim that is achievable and one that does not leave you feeling worn out and ready to give up on your new lifestyle.

Some of the most important parts of changing to a healthy lifestyle involve simple things that may not have been immediately thought of. Aspects such as how much sleep you get and how much water you drink in a day can have a huge effect on your overall feeling of wellbeing. Sleeping for at least seven hours a night and replacing sugary or artificial drinks with water can be of huge benefit.

In terms of exercise, taking part in just thirty minutes of cardiovascular movement a day can make a massive difference to the way you continue to approach healthy living. If you are reluctant to start going to the gym, you can easily enjoy a great work out in the form of jogging, walking, swimming, tennis or other physical games. Even gardening can stretch muscles and keep you feeling fit and active.

Compression for the New You

We have written many times about the various benefits of compression hosiery for a variety of pre-existing conditions. However, when embracing a healthy lifestyle which is brand new to you, you will find yourself working out muscles you didn’t know you had! In this case, compression can help increase blood flow and get rid of any aches and pains that come along with frequent exercise. Speak to your doctor before starting with any support hosiery as everyone is different and may require varying levels of compression depending on your body type and general fitness.

Compression stockings can help a variety of conditions, from aesthetic problems such as varicose veins to muscle damage and reduced blood flow. With the use of compression hosiery, the new healthy lifestyle you wish to start can be made a lot easier - aching limbs are always a problem after a heavy workout, particularly if you are just starting out!

Remember, keeping the body moving is very important in order to prevent conditions such as deep vein thrombosis. For those escaping the January blues and taking long haul flights in the new year, flight socks are a great addition to your carry on luggage. Flight socks can also be used more frequently for those who have generally low mobility or run a high risk of developing DVT so why not include them into your new healthy lifestyle and work on developing a fitter, more active you this year.

8th January, 2015