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Exercise and the Elderly: How Two Minutes Per Week Could Change Your Life

Elderly men chattingLooking after your body and mind as you reach the later stages of life can be tough, with many saying time constraints and lack of mental motivation stop them from exercising as much as is recommended. However, new research states that even just one minute of intense exercise a couple of times a week could improve pensioners’ overall health and wellbeing considerably…

What is the purpose of the study?

The study was conducted on pensioners to test their limits with regards to intense exercise. The scientists, from the University of Abertay, who specialise in the ageing process and exercise, wanted to see if fewer bouts of exercise performed in a more intense way could be of benefit to the older generation. Currently, most doctors recommend a regime of exercise from moderate to vigorous intensity at least a few days per week, performing exercises such as walking or running.

Most pensioners who fail to meet the guidelines cite lack of time as the primary reason, however the evidence from this new study suggests that just a small amount of vigorous exercise once a week could improve health in the same way. 

What does the evidence say?

The study involved the pensioners being split into two groups and performing sprints on an exercise bike. The first bout of sprints consisted of six six-second bursts whilst the subject was connected to a heart rate monitor. They would then break for a minute until their heart rate was back to normal then carry on with the sprints, which were lengthened to ten-second bursts as the experiment continued. The scientists discovered that these short moments of concentrated exercise improved their overall health but also, more existentially, their desire and belief in themselves.

As we get older, our bodies react in different ways and everyday tasks, such as climbing the stairs, carrying the shopping or even standing up from a chair, can be painful and time-consuming. The problem is both mental and physical; if we do not believe we can meet the strict guidelines about exercise it may result in us not trying at all.

How can it help me?

If you are a pensioner or reaching that age and are concerned about how to keep your body and mind active in a busy lifestyle, this study could give you alternative ways of exercising that can help both body and mind.

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8th August 2014