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Give Comfort for Christmas: Our Top Ten Compression Stocking Gifts

Elbeo Compression TightsChristmas is just around the corner and we have a great selection of compression stockings, sports socks and other products available for every level of health and fitness - so give a friend or loved one the gift of comfort and relaxation this festive season! This week, we are discussing our compression Christmas top ten and how you can give someone you care about a gift that can help them enjoy life to the full in the new year. From Elbeo to Medilast, we have included all our most impressive and popular products for your perusal, so let’s get started.

1. Activa Unisex Patterned Socks - Class 1 (14-17 mmHg) ACSP1: These unisex socks make a great gift for any member of the family and offer a Class 1 level of compression. They are great for older members of the family who may suffer with superficial varicose veins and help prevent deep vein thrombosis, perfect for friends and family with low levels of mobility.

2. Sigvaris Mountain Walking Socks (23 to 32 mmHg): Sigvaris are one of the most popular brands of compression gear and their sports-specific range of mountain walking socks are great for friends and family who love the outdoors – they are designed to stop the foot from sweating whilst walking and are great for protecting from muscle injuries, making life easier for even the most avid walker.

3. Elbeo Sheer Magic Tights (Support Factor 8) A448: These support tights are a great little stocking-filler for one of the ladies in your life. Whether it be a partner, mother or indeed any other fashion-forward female, Elbeo’s Sheer Magic compression tights are a great way of ensuring the receiver is stylish and protected from aches and pains.

4. Medilast Men's Support Tights (22 - 29mmHg): MMT Medilast are a great brand for those who want to give some proper medical care to someone who may be struggling over the Christmas period. Suitable for Light Varices with oedema, they come with a Y-front opening and velcro fastening making them easier to use, and effective for a range of ailments.

5. Lloveras Lace top hold-up stockings (10-15mmHg): Lloveras know exactly what the special lady in your life needs as far as style and the benefits of health go! Sheer and silky soft, these stockings offer graduated compression, a reinforced toe and are excellent for day to day use as well as a special evening out.

6. JOBST for Men Below Knee Support Socks (20 - 30mmHg): JOBST offer men a stylish, long-lasting dress sock that can be worn every day with a variety of styles, and with a ribbed design it filters away any moisture from the foot giving maximum comfort and protection from common aches and pains that can accrue during busy work days – a great gift for fathers and grandfathers.

7. Oroblu Repos 70 Opaque Tights (8-12mmHg): With the weather changing, and not for the better, never has there been a better time to fill a stocking up with Oroblu opaque tights. Not only do they help with blood circulation and support, they also massage the legs and make them look slim and elegant.

8. Levante Firm Support Tights (Support Factor 10): Levante are a classic Italian brand offering elegance as well as graduated compression support with their tights. They are great for any member of the family as they are suitable for both active and inactive legs. They are also blended with Lyrca to offer a close fit and extra durability – a great stocking filler for any female of the family.

9. Oroblu Mi-Bas Repos 70 Knee Highs: Another entry from Oroblu, this knee high compression stocking has a comfortable top for ease of wear and an added benefit in the form of aromatherapy. The knee highs have a delicate scent of lavender to aid relaxation and gain an added sense of comfort whilst wearing them.

10. Sigvaris Graphik Below Knee for Men (15-21mmHg): Sigvaris offer a range of fashionable styles and compression levels and these men’s sports socks have an added ventilated and absorbing channel around the foot. They also have an attractive striped design, perfect for dad!

See our products page to see our huge range of top quality support hosiery and give one of your family members the gift of comfort this Christmas.

11th December, 2014