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Sigvaris Study Shows Compression Helps Ankle Fractures

We’re proud to stock Sigvaris compression hosiery as one of our main brands. They are at the forefront of innovation, not only producing new products but putting their efforts into studies behind the scenes to investigate compression hosiery and its further benefits on human physiology.


Ankle Fractures

One of the latest studies to appear in Sigvaris’ Stemmer Library is to do with ankle fractures and the notion that compression hosiery can indeed help with the healing process and pain relief following such an injury. With compression hosiery helping with muscular problems, cited to help with mental stress, even sleep apnea amongst a myriad of other ailments, the study looked to be full of promise…and it didn’t disappoint.

The Study

The study aimed to compare the impact of compression socks (called patient-specific ankle injury stockings in this instance) with tubigrips. In both instances, because of the of the fracture, Aircast boots would also be worn. Patients were identified in A&E units – and compression levels of 22mmHg at the ankle, with 17mmHg at the mid-calf and 10mmHg at the upper calf were applied. Patients were then assessed at various intervals upto 6 months.


90 patients took part in the study, and the results showed those offered support socks over Tubigrips experienced a quicker return of the ankle to normal, reducing swelling more completely and quickly than the Tubigrip. This reduction in swelling also let to an increased range of movement. Additionally, the end function of the ankle was also improved with the support sock participants and less pain was felt at six months after the injury.


The studies conclusions states that early application of compression following ankle fractures reduces swelling and increases functional outcome with no significant complications. You can read the full study in the latest bulletin of Sigvaris' Stemmer Library, and shop our range of Sigvaris support hosiery here.

7th October, 2015