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Top Compression Brands and How They Can Help You

Elbeo Support HosieryThis week we take a look at products from two of our most popular brands of compression hosiery, discussing a variety of styles and how they can aid a range of ailments. We will also offer a guide to compression and how to implement it into your daily life.

Elbeo Compression Stockings

Elbeo are a well-established brand offering excellent quality support hosiery with four levels of graduated compression, making them ideal for treating a wide range of problems and pains. As well as being hugely beneficial medically, Elbeo stockings are available in a number of styles and shades – such as Sheer Magic, Caresse and Mirage - in order to perfectly compliment any occasion whilst still enjoying the benefits.

T.E.D Support Stockings

The T.E.D. Continuing Care Anti-Embolism knee-length stockings are an excellent choice for those recovering from surgery or those who suffer from a condition resulting in restricted movement. T.E.D. stockings are used in hospitals as a method of preventing DVT in static patients and the Continuing Care brand offers the same quality of protection, allowing the patient to continue gaining the benefits after being discharged.

A Guide to Compression

Many people identify compression hosiery with deep vein thrombosis, which in turn is associated with long-haul air travel or extensive periods of being still. Whilst this is true, compression can also help alleviate a number of other problems which may be caused by poor blood flow, including varicose veins and aching limbs. However, it is important to be sure you are achieving the correct level of compression; this is measured in millimitres of mercury (mmHg). The hosiery allows compression to graduate away from the ankle and through to the top of the stocking, thereby giving support and allowing the blood to flow more freely through the vein.

Below we explain which level of compression is best suited to your ailment:

Tired and aching legs: If you are required to stand for long periods of time or suffer from low blood flow in your legs, light compression of up to 14mmHg will provide you with great support and comfort.
Swollen ankles and varicose veins: If you suffer from swollen ankles during pregnancy or perhaps have stretch marks, compression hosiery offering between 14-17mmHg will help to alleviate the stress that can be caused by aesthetic physical changes.
DVT and early stage lymphoedema: Compression at a level of 18-24mmHg is preferable when treating more serious problems such as early deep vein thrombosis and the primary stages of lymphoedema.
Severe and advanced conditions: When conditions such as DVT, lymphoedema and varicose veins reach more severe levels, compression of up to 35mmHg is recommended as it can provide pain relief in more advanced stages.

It is important to discuss with your physician which level of compression is best to suit your needs, although it is something that can be implemented into daily life as mentioned above.

Susie Thickpenny

11th September, 2014