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Good Samaritan Creates Human Chair For Elderly Lady

NewsA recent story of gallant chivalry and kindness to the elderly has gone viral, prompting positive comments from all over the world.

The Human Chair

A picture of an elderly woman sitting on a man who had gone down on all fours acting as a rudimentary chair has circulated recently on social networking sites. The man, a member of charity moving organisation "College Hunks Moving Junk", was on hand to help the woman – in her eighties – when the lift became stuck and the pain of constant standing became too much for her. The woman enjoyed her makeshift seat for just over half an hour before the lift began to move again and was hugely thankful to her elevator hero. This random act of kindness allowed the elderly woman to suffer as little pain as possible during the period of the lift being stationary and is a true feel-good read

Could Compression Have Helped?

As we grow older, the aches and pains of aging become more apparent and it can be hard to stand for extended periods of time, a good example being the situation experienced by the woman in the lift. However, with regular use of compression hosiery, the every day aches and pains suffered can be remedied - compression works by increasing blood flow in areas that perhaps do not get as much physical movement which can result in aching limbs and the inability to move properly. 

To thie end, compression stockings and other support hosiery can be used both as a remedy for conditions such as aching limbs, but also as an extremely effective preventative measure, benefitting many age groups…and negating the need for more human chairs! 

We here at the Leg-Care Company are passionate about the benefits of compression hosiery both as a treatment and a preventative tool. We stock the best products from leading brands and can offer you information and advice as to which products are best for you – get in touch today.

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*Image available on The Independent*

22nd May, 2014