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Flight Socks Put Their Best Foot Forward on the Catwalk

We know how important compression hosiery is to the medical world, but it is now making its way onto the catwalk, inspiring many designers to opt for the unlikely new look. We take a look at the latest trend and which of our products can help you put your best foot forward.

Flight SocksFashion Foot Forward

We have all seen the weird and wonderful creations that have graced the catwalk over the years, from the hottest new looks to some trends we cannot get our heads around, there have been many ideas that have taken off and many that never reached as far as the high street. However, it appears as though flight socks are making their way not just onto the catwalk but into the hearts of hipsters everywhere.

From Dolce & Gabbana to Jil Sander, the catwalks have seen a variety of knee-length tight flight socks incorporated into their collections and this new nod to the compression hosiery industry could help those suffering from medical conditions be more confident in using flight socks as part of their wardrobe, helping to both prevent and cure circulation ailments and aches and pains.

How to Wear Them

Traditionally, support socks and other hosiery was seen as something to wear under clothes or in the privacy and comfort of the home, however a large number of brands sport collections which include elegant styles that can work with any fashionistas wardrobe. For the coming months, the flight sock trend is likely to be a huge hit for women looking to change up their style with an alternative to full-legged support tights. Prada’s catwalk models wore flight socks with platform sandals (socks with sandals used to be a faux pas, but times have apparently changed!) and Jil Sander teamed midi skirts with flight socks to add extra layering and texture.

Top Brands

Prada may have put their best foot forward on the catwalk, but their price tags may leave a little to be desired. Here at The Leg Care Company we are proud to stock some of the best compression hosiery brands in the world, offering a huge range of styles and colours to suit any physical ailment and every personal style at fantastic value prices. From Activa to Lloveras, we have something to suit everyone so there is no reason not to join the trendsetters and enjoy the benefits of compression stockings, and the benefits of being totally fashionable!

Susie Thickpenny

20th November, 2014