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In It For The Long Haul

Flight SocksThough the back to school rush is imminent there are plenty of us around still up for a bit of travel and planning an excursion involving a long haul flight. For obvious reasons, we recommend compression hosiery to keep your body safe during long haul flights but there are other actions you can take too to not only to keep safe, but to keep entertained as the long hours draw on.

Sleep It Off

Sitting in one position for a long period of time can be tedious at best. Particularly if you aren’t inspired by any of the in-flight entertainment. A sleep aid – one you know or if a medical one, one recommended by your doctor – can pass a good 5-6 of those 12-13 hour flights making it a lot less painful to bare.

Box Set Binge

Luckily a trend of the past few years has been for box sets. Not your standard easily-digestible series, but real dramas and epic TV shows such as Breaking Bad that have gotten the world talking. We’re also in an age of iPads and laptops which – if you can plan out your battery life – can easily pass a few hours of time. Additionally, with TVs you can manage yourself on a lot of flights nowadays you can pick from airlines’ vast selection of entertainment whenever you want. So if you’re a fan of the silver screen, settle down and enjoy!

Compression Socks

Not exciting but necessary. Whilst you’re focused on keeping entertained, you need to be aware of keeping your body safe and healthy. Sitting in a cramped space for prolonged periods of time isn’t healthy. So shop our range of flight socks to keep your circulation optimal. 


The dry air in a pressurised flight cabin can play havoc with your skin meaning you arrive at your destination feeling dried out and exhausted. Keep your skin moisturised to stand the best chance of arriving feeling fresh. Keep Active The seats are rather small in planes as airlines look to maximise passenger numbers per flight. If you’re uncomfortably cramped in the small seat too it’s not good for your body. So get up and move around, stretch and fidget – it’s good for your health!

Drink… Water!

The onboard alcoholic refreshments may well be more enticing but you lose an astonishing amount of water on a long haul flight. So keep topped up on that H2O.

And last but not least, happy holidays! Enjoy.

2nd September, 2015