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Avocados: An Interesting Look at The Healthful Fruit!

We’re passionate about all aspects of Health at the Leg-Care Company; from helping you prevent DVT and staying safe on long haul flights with our selection of flight socks, to promoting compression and health in sports, to helping our customers with everyday ailments and pain, to an overall passion for health.

Health is just as much - if not more - about what you put in to your body, in addition to what compression, clothes and accessories you wear on it. To this end, we came across a fantastic infographic from a medical professor on avocados and the significant benefits they offer to your health.

Some of our favourite points of note from this fab visual are:

- An avocado ripens more quickly when placed next to a banana or apple
- To find out if an avocado is ripe, look under the spot on the stem; green = ripe, brown = overripe!
- Avocados contain very few pesticides due to the protection of their thick skin
- 90% of our avocados come from California where they have been growing for 10,000 years!
- The fruit was actually used as a primitive form of writing ink in past times!
- Avocados are extremely high in essential vitamins and minerals, they also have very little salt and sugar
- They contain twice the potassium of a banana
- They provide you with healthy fats that help maintain the good cholesterol in your body, lowering your risk of heart disease
- They help your body to more effectively absorb nutrients such as alpha and beta-carotene when consumed in conjunction

There we have it! An avocado-inspired education, slightly off topic but we hope you enjoy viewing it. In other news, our Elbeo range is as popular as ever! To check out more of our range of compression and support products take a look here.


Avocado Uses and Health Benefits


Susie Thickpenny

14th November, 2014