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Could Compression Help OSA? New Study Suggests Apnea Could Be Treated with Hosiery

A recent study published in Sleep Medicine suggests that the daily use of compression stockings could help sufferers of obstructed aleep apnea (OSA). People affected with the condition often suffer from a blocked or narrowed airway which slows respiration and can be very dangerous. Here, we look at the study and how compression stockings and other hosiery can help people get a better and safer night’s sleep.

What is OSA?

Obstructed sleep apnea is a condition which affects 12milllion people in the USA alone, and affects respiration during the hours of sleep. The affected person’s airway becomes narrowed or blocked and this slows the rate of breathing and can even result in it stopping altogether. OSA can also lead to further problems including high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and irregular heartbeat and is therefore a condition which needs treatment if sufferers are to avoid serious medical issues as a result.

Currently OSA is treated with CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure, however the new study suggests that the use of compression stockings could also have an extrememly positive effect on the condition.

How Can Compression Help?

One way to approach sleep apnea is the reduction of fluid in the limbs, something compression stocking help with on a daily basis. Although it is still recommended that OSA sufferers continue using CPAP, the future of compression as a treatment for this condition could potentially be important.

Below-the-knee compression hosiery can reduce the levels of fluid accrued and therefore increase the chances of a healthy night’s sleep. This shift in fluid retention therefore helps ease the pressure on the upper airway making breathing easier throughout the night. Before trying compression stockings to suit any kind of condition, it is important to visit your doctor or GP to find out what level of compression is right for you.

Our Best Brands

We have a huge range of styles, shapes and brands of compression stockings with graduated strengths and for many different uses. Our Medilast men’s support tights are one of our most popular sellers due to the strong connection the company has with medical professionals, all in order to give the best possible care to customers. Lloveras are a Spanish company who have a well-established place in the compression stockings market. Graduated levels of compression help a range of conditions and

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Another brand that we are proud to stock is Elbeo, whose classic shades and styles offer elegance as well as medical grade compression. Of course, it is important to consult a medical professional before you use any type of compression garment, however with Elbeo’s traditional shapes and fashionable styles, you can reap the medical benefits whilst also looking great.

Susie Thickpenny

5th February, 2015