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Best Foot Forward: SIGVARIS Phlebo-App Helps Patients Understand Venuous Conditions

In today’s climate, there is an app for just about everything. Whether it be photo sharing or social networking, everything in life can be seemingly made easier with an app, however the SIGVARIS Phlebo app is giving something back to its users – important information and detailed guides about venuous diseases and how to avoid them.



150 year old Swiss company SIGVARIS are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of compression hosiery and a firm favourite among our customers. Their range is both stylish and practical, offering graduated compression which can help with a variety of venuous conditions as well as more aesthetic issues. Due to the extensive knowledge SIGVARIS has of how compression can help improve health, the SIGVARIS Phlebo app is greatly informative and could help save lives.

Patients suffering from any condition can feel somewhat overwhelmed with the technical jargon that is used in the medical industry and SIGVARIS aims to dispel some of the nerves this can create. Their aim was to make an app that can easily explain to patients just what causes the problems they suffer from, helping them understand what areas of their lifestyle can be adapted to lessen the liklihood or effect of venuous conditions.

The SIGVARIS Phlebo App

The app is available on iPad, Android and Microsoft Surface and acts as a simple-to-use tool for communicating the ins and outs of venuous diseases to patients who may not understand all the medical terms. The app works by highllighting the areas and veins on the human body that are most affected by venuous conditions, explaining what they are and how they can be avoided. There are video clips which help the user visualise the areas of their own body that are suffering, as well as recommending the best type of compression hosiery for their particular problem.

The app has a range of other features, including a virtual human body with a virtual heart and blood flow in veins and arteries which gives the patient a more detailed idea of how their body works and why the easy flow of blood is so important. There are anatomical diagrams and pop up text boxes which condense the technical speak into more easy to manage chunks.

Does it Work?

Compression hosiery is proven to help a huge range of conditions from aesthetic issues like varicose veins to more long-standing and painful problems such as swelling, DVT and aches and pains caused by excess weight or lack of mobility. With SIGVARIS, patients can feel assured they are in the right hands, as they are a company with a loyal following and a well-established connection to the medical world.

With the app, patients get the chance to see first hand the problems that can be caused by venuous conditions and encouragement of ways in which the severity of these conditions can be lessened. SIGVARIS’ slogan is ‘every day a step forward’ and with their varied range of products and an informative and helpful app, it can be easier now more than ever to take that first step towards greater comfort and a better quality of life.