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Shape of Sigvaris: Latest Updates from One of Our Most Popular Brands

One of compression hosiery’s biggest brands has enjoyed excellent publicity this month as charity runner Whitney Simmons won a 10k race with the help of compression sleeves. Here we look at the Sigvaris brand, how their products help and how you can implement them into your daily routine in order to enjoy a host of health benefits. 

Sigvaris Support Sock WhiteSigvaris Helps Winner Cross Finish Line

The West Valley Search and Rescue Team, based in California USA, relies on fundraising events to help raise not just cash but also their public profile - this means the ‘Run for Rescue’ 5k and 10k races are an imperative part of the operation. 10k race winner, Whitney Simmons, crossed the finish line wearing Sigvaris brand compression sleeves and spoke of her gratitude for the help compression hosiery provided to her. She cites the support socks as excellent in decreasing fatigue and adding support to muscles during the race as well as improving her recovery time afterwards. The sleeves provided Simmons with graduated compression at a medical grade, allowing her to focus on the race rather than the aching of her tired limbs!

Changing Sigvaris Brand

Including compression hosiery in your day-to-day life is a great way of improving your overall comfort and wellbeing, helping with pre-existing conditions, such as varicose veins, DVT or aching legs. It’s also a valuable preventative tool which can be used to combat the early signs of these conditions as well as helping to stop them from occurring altogether. Compression stockings, whilst extremely useful, are often sidelined as an everyday choice due to the occasionally obvious aesthetics. Sigvaris has therefore expanded their Midtown Microfibre brand and created a an exclusive line of men’s compression hosiery intended to be worn every day and made in styles that can be worn both at work or in a social situation. Created with a lightweight synthetic fibre, it allows the skin to breathe and fits comfortly, making it easier to wear all year round. Not just that, but the style with which this line is designed offers the fashion forward among us the ability to embrace the benefits without compromising on style - one of the main drawbacks for many considering using compression hosiery.

Sigvaris and You

With Sigvaris making waves all over the world in terms of medical benefits and now aesthetic style, there is no reason not to see how support hosiery could help you enjoy life to the fullest whilst still taking care of your legs. Compression tights help increase blood flow and can combat serious medical conditions as well as everyday fatigue, making them a versatile and worthwhile product for all age groups and health brackets. We here at the Leg-Care Company are proud to stock Sigvaris, amongst other well-established and popular brands. Visit our Products section to learn more about our what we stock and how best to incorporate compression hosiery into your lifestyle.

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10th July, 2014