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Sigvaris Creates Compression Stockings to Help Diabetes Patients

Sigvaris Compression StockingsOne of our best-loved brands, Sigvaris, has created an innovative new type of compression hosiery specifically developed for those suffering from diabetes. Here, we will look at some of the features of the new compression stockings, as well as how compression can help change the lives of diabetic patients.

The New Hosiery

We have long been singing the praises of Sigvaris, who have been one of our best-selling brands and are a well-established name in the compression hosiery industry. Now, they have developed a new kind of compression stocking which is intended to help change the lives of people suffering with various kinds of diabetes. Sigvaris Eversoft Diabetic Socks have been designed with FreshGuard technology to reduce any unwanted scent and with drirelease yarns which helps control the levels of moisture creating a more hygenic and comfortable compression sock.

Sigvaris have been working towards this type of compression stocking since first venturing into diabetic relief a few years ago, however this new product has innovative new technology which helps medical professionals better prescribe the right levels of compression to help different people. The graduated compression begins at the ankle, becoming slowly looser towards the upper half of the lower leg. Some of the benefits of Sigvaris’ new range include 8-15mmHg of graduated compression, which increases blood flow and reduces aches and pains. With a stretchable top and flat seam toe design, they are both comfortable and convenient.

How Does Compression Help Diabetes?

Using compression hosiery is a great way to increase the flow of blood and reduce pressure on the legs and feet. For many sufferers of Type 2 diabetes, lowering the blood pressure can result in a reduction of many of the other symptoms of the condition, therefore making day-to-day quality of life much better. Not only do compression stockings and other hosiery aid in the reduction of blood pressure, but they also add a much stronger element of comfort. Many sufferers can struggle to find relief from the various aches and pains associated with an ongoing medical condition, and compression stockings are a great way to help with them, as well as many other minor issues that patients may face. 

A recent study published by JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) states that after reducing blood pressure in Type 2 diabetes patients, other risks were decreased including coronary heart disease (12%), stroke (26%), retinothapy (13%) and kidney problems (27%). This reduces the overall risk of death and can have a marked effect on how patients enjoy and continue their lives in spite of their condition. Visit our products page to see our full range of Sigvaris products and speak with your medical professional to see how compression stockings can help you.

4th March, 2015