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Sigvaris and Spanx: Two New Products Making Waves in the Industry

SigvarisHere at the Leg-Care Company, we like to keep abreast of any new products that bring attention to the importance of compression hosiery. This week, we talk about a new product from one of our favourite brands, Sigvaris. Also, we take a look at contouring-clothing brand Spanx and their new foray into the jeans market.

Insignia by Sigvaris

This month, compression hosiery manufacturers Sigvaris introduced their new brand of Insignia garments, made to be both effective and fashionable. Using microfiber technology to increase softness and comfort, the new Insignia range is a great addition to an already excellent list of products. The three new items from the Insignia range that are set to be popular not just for effectiveness but also from a fashion point of view are:

Headliner: The unique selling point of the Headliner hosiery line is their unique softness and comfort. Available in a variety of different lengths, Headliner hosiery offers the wearer the chance to be on trend whilst achieving maximum breathability and compression.
Maternity: The Insignia range of maternity stockings can help mothers-to-be reach new levels of comfort during the difficult stages of pregnancy. With varicose veins, aching limbs and the extra weight of a baby bump, Insignia’s maternity garments help to alleviate the more stressful elements of pregnancy.
Starlet: Many women would like to wear compression hosiery on a daily basis but perhaps worry about the look and style of some designs. Starlet eliminates that worry with gorgeous styles that look fashionable and trendy without compromising on effectiveness.

Sigvaris remains one of the most popular brands of compression stockings and other support hosiery and is always looking for ways to innovate their style to maximise the potential use of these incredibly helpful items. See our products page for more information on our extensive Sigvaris range.

Spanx Introduce New Jeans

We all know how hard it can be to find a pair of jeans that fit properly, not to mention the endless struggle to find a flattering shape. Spanx have become one of the leading brands in body-contouring garments, with shape shifting underwear designed to hold in all the flabby bits and give the body a more streamlined and feminine shape. This week they announced their foray into the world of denim, by introducing a range of jeans with the same body-contouring technology that has made Spanx into a billion dollar company. But do they work? Some critics have questioned the denim content of the garments, and asked whether they would not be better classed as ‘jeggings’ due to the shaping element. Some have also suggested that Spanx would do well not to enter such a saturated market; with so many options for jeans already available, perhaps Spanx would do well to concentrate on areas of the business without such large competition.

The design element that has tongues wagging is the presence of an elasticated waistband which is larger than normal but hidden in the lining of the jeans. This means that parts of the body the user may wish to keep to the imagination are hidden from view, shaping the body whilst not restricting movement or comfort. Whether the new Spanx jeans brand will make a dent in a market that already has heads spinning remains to be seen, however, some women are bound to be excited by the idea of jeans that can hide the wobbly bits!

Fashion and compression hosiery are becoming closer and closer, as more on-trend people wish to reap the medical benefits of compression stockings whilst still remaining fashion-forward and feeling confident. Here at The Leg-Care Company, we stock a huge range of top quality brands, in a huge variety of styles – perfect for any discerning fashionista!

5th September, 2014