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How Compression Is Helping Sportsmen This Summer

Brazil World CupWe have often reported on the benefits of compression hosiery for those suffering from conditions such as DVT or varicose veins, and also the potential lowering of recovery time for those who have just had surgery. However, compression in sport is being discussed more and more as this summer sees some of the most major events taking place. Between the World Cup and the Tour de France, compression is certainly a buzzword for sportsmen this year…

Compression and the World Cup

The World Cup has been one of the most exciting sporting tournaments in 2014 and, in such unforgiving climates and with a lot of extra time, this year’s teams have been challenged in ways they may not have been before. Compression hosiery has been cited as a useful tool in aiding the recovery time of the world’s top players, making sure they are fit and ready for their next match.

Compression hosiery has been scientifically proven to decrease recovery time allowing muscles to be back to top condition for future games, so with Germany the winning team from this tournament, we wonder if compression during recovery played any kind of part – we hope it did!

Compression and the Tour de France

Another sporting event that has gained huge support this summer is the Tour de France which began in Yorkshire last week. With nearly 200 competitors and a track that spans over 3,600 miles, the race is a 21-day test of endurance and the muscles and limbs of those competing are tested to their absolute limit. With such a high pressure environment, it is imperative that cyclists delay any skeletal muscle damage and soreness. Support stockings and socks have been seen to work at decreasing the levels of creatine kinase during the event, which is a mark of muscle injury, and helping injured areas recover at an increased speed.

How Compression Could Help You

You do not have to be a professional sportsperson to use compression stockings in your physical pursuits. With this busy season of sport, many are inspired to embrace a new healthy lifestyle, and using support hosiery during day to day exercise or at the gym can benefit your muscles and help blood flow as well as being a useful tool for aching limbs post-exercise. At The Leg-Care Company, we stock brands for both men and women – check out the site today!

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19th July, 2014