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Top 5 Long Haul Holidays for 2016

With the turn of the new year, many travel companies have been producing their lists of “must see” holiday destinations for 2016.

To save you trawling through them all, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 long haul destinations, as recommended by the travel experts.

Where will 2016 take you?


Sri Lanka (The Guardian)

A country with plenty to offer, Sri Lanka offers something for everyone. Whether you want to strap on a board and hit the surf or try something a little more spiritual and relax with yoga, Sri Lanka has it all.

With flight times of around 10.5 hours, this country is worth the trip.

Costa Rica (The Guardian)

Costa Rica has opened up enormously for UK travellers thanks to new direct flights operating from Gatwick. Routes now run to the northern city of Liberia and will operate to the capital San Jose in April.

This is an essential destination for wildlife lovers, with a huge array of endemic species making it a destination like no other.

In return for the 11 hour flight, you’ll get access to sea turtles, howler monkeys, sloths and iguanas, as well as its mountains, jungles and volcanoes.

Nepal (Rough Guides)

After Nepal was rocked by a series of earthquakes in 2015, the country was hit by a second devastating blow - the destruction of their tourist industry.

After the earthquakes hit, the tourists left in their droves, damaging the country’s economy and making life even worse for its residents.

Fortunately, historic landmarks are being restored and trekking routes are reopening, making Nepal a wild and beautiful destination for tourists once more.

Flights into the capital Kathmandu from London are around 9 and a half hours.

Philippines (National Geographic)

The Philippines offers a slice of tropical luxury, with thousands of beaches with sands of every colour imaginable.

It also boasts a beautiful array of wildlife along its coastline, with beautiful coral and fish to be seen for snorkelers and divers. There are also over 1,000 land species to be seen including the endangered Philippine eagle.

Flight time to the capital Manila from London is just under 14 hours.

Australia (Lonely Planet)

For those of you that treated yourselves to David Attenborough’s wonderful series on the Great Barrier Reef over Christmas, you’ll be fully aware of the beauty Australia has to offer.

The reef is opening up all the time to tourists, with new islands and reefs available to see across the east coast all the time.

It’s also something of a turning point environmentally, with proposed mining ports meaning further encroachment on the reef. If you want to go and enjoy this wonderful sight, you might be running out of time to do so.

It’s a day in a plane, but well worth the trip.

Wherever you travel to in 2016, remember to go prepared and stay safe on the long haul flight. As soon as you’ve booked, head over to our flight socks section and make sure you’re prepared for the long flight ahead.

Happy travels.