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Top Ten for Compression: The Best Benefits of Compression Hosiery

Compression hosiery has become one of the most popular ways of reducing the ill effects of many ailments. We’ve decided to do a top ten list of the best reasons to implement compression stockings into your lifestyle, so read on to find out how they can help you!

1. It can make you happier!

When you feel healthy, your overall mental and psychological wellbeing is improved. German company Medi recently released their brand of acupuncture compression hosiery which was aimed at putting graduated pressure on the M6 vein which is widely-believed to have an effect on liver function and digestion as well as promoting overall wellbeing. If socks can make you happy, you may as well try them!

2. It’s become fashionable

Yes, that’s right, compression hosiery has even made it on to the catwalk recently! Last year’s Autumn/Winter collections saw a whole host of designers embrace the nerd chic look with knee high compression and flight socks of varying styles and colours. For people who don’t want a catwalk look but still want to remain fashionable, our Llevante range is sultry and stylish whilst still offering great support 

3. It saves you money

Using compression hosiery to combat a range of ailments can save patients up to £300 a year in nurse’s visits and prescriptions among other things. Moreover, we stock top quality brands for competitive prices, meaning now is a better time than ever to start implementing it into your lifestyle.

4. It’s good for your health

Aches and pains, the pressure of restricted mobility, pregnancy pains and varicose veins – all these conditions and more can be treated using compression hosiery. Overall health and wellbeing can also be improved by alleviating the stress caused by a series of smaller conditions. The brands we stock offer graduated compression for all types of people, whether they are suffering from long-term illnesses or sportspeople looking to improve muscle recovery.

Aeroplane5. It can work to prevent DVT on long haul flights

Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is one of the main reasons why compression socks have come so far into the public consciousness. The effects of low mobility on long-haul flights can be serious, lowering blood flow and increasing the chances of dangerous blood clots. While using compression socks for this particular reason is relatively well known, it has helped shine a light on other uses.

6. It can enhance sports performance

Sportspeople have excitedly reaped the benefits of compression garments in terms of muscle regeneration and increased blood flow. From socks to shirts to shorts, there are many sports clothes offering graduated compression for a range of different sports needs. Our Sigvaris sports socks for walking are attractive and useful, and all from one of the most well-established brands out there.

7. It can help you if you’re pregnant

Pregnancy is a magical time, but it can also cause numerous physical issues that make the time a lot less enjoyable. Varicose veins and aching limbs can be remedied with compression hosiery that reaches over the stomach to provide maximum comfort, helping mothers-to-be enjoy their pregnancy. Click to see our selection from excellent brands like Sigvaris and Venosan.

8. Studies have suggested it can help with diabetes and lipoedema

A study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that reducing the blood pressure in sufferers of Type 2 diabetes can also alleviate a huge range of other symptoms associated with long-term illness. Support socks have also been said to reduce the fat cells that cause lipoedema as well as relieving the accompanying pain.

9. It’s durable and long-lasting

It used to be that medical compression hosiery was uncomfortable and often difficult to wear. However, thanks to the manufacturing of ever more effective materials, support garments are more technologically-advanced than ever before. With durable materials offering maximum comfort, there is a type for everyone to enjoy the benefits. See some of our attractive stockings here.

10. There’s a huge range to choose from and it can be very well priced

At the Leg-Care Company we are proud to stock some of the most well-recognised and highly regarded brands in a huge range of styles and grades. From luxurious sheer tights for the evening to work-style socks for men, there is something out there for everyone and all at the most competitive prices.

8th July, 2015