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· Vein problems help from The Leg-Care Company

About 20% of people develop visible varicose veins 


while 84% of us get thread veins on our legs. What can you do to prevent them? And can they pose a serious health risk? Varicose veins aren’t causing any symptoms.

Is there anything else I can do to make them less visible? You could try compression stockings.

These provide gentle external support and encourage the blood in the veins to flow back towards the heart. “If you start wearing them as soon as you get early signs of varicose veins appearing, such as little spider veins around the ankles, it may stop them progressing to more severe symptoms,a lymphedema specialist nurse and clinical support manager for Activa Healthcare, which manufactures compression stockings. However, “if someone has varicose veins and they stop wearing them, the problem will progress and they will come back again,” Compression Stockings, Tights & Socks can be bought from, we recommends speaking to a GP to ensure you’re getting the right level of compression.