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Sigvaris Active Work Wear Sock for Men AFNOR Class 2 (15-20mmHg)

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Sigvaris Active Work Wear Socks for Men have been specially designed to protect feet in safety shoes.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra high resistant fabric to support the toe and heel.
  • Reinforced sole to add extra protection to the ball of the foot.
  • Excellent anti-bacterial properties as well as a ventilated calf to give the wearer increased comfort.
  • Special yarns that aid in the relief of pain and fatigue

Product material

  • 75.5% Polyamide, 11.5% Elastane, 13% Aramid Kermel
  • Latex free

Best suited for

  • Relief of tired and painful legs due to venous disease
  • Daily wear for business and casual
  • Active professionals needing a reliable, durable compression sock
  • Open and healed ulcers

Available in Black/Red only