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Sigvaris Launches New Product in US and Glamour Magazine Reports on Support Hosiery

Sigvaris Support SocksAt The Leg Care company we’ve always known about the medical and health benefits of compression and support hosiery, but it seems the rest of the world are now catching on too, with support hosiery making a very public feature in Glamour magazine this January 2014.

Support Hosiery as Fashion
Straying away from the stereotypical ideas of the type of person that requires support hosiery, Glamour Magazine has written an article promoting the use of compression stockings, tights and other support clothing for all men and women - not for medical use - but as part of an aesthetic beauty regime.

The Article
The article talks about support stockings with regards to the reduction of leg veins - you can read the full story online here. It suggests swapping regular black tights instead for support tights or stockings and reports on the growing popularity of these items around Europe, particularly in females stating “These [women] are invested in taking care of their bodies and have been doing this for years”.

Our Compression Tights and Stockings
We stock a range of fantastic brands at The Leg Care Company including some big names; Solidea, Activa, Lloveras, Jobst, Medilast, Elbeo, Oroblu, Cette, Venosan and Sigvaris. Click on a name to view the selection we have in stock for that brand. Additionally, if the compression levels on display are confusing and you’d like some clarification, you can view our compression guide for the level you need.

Speaking of our brands, and in particular Sigvaris, the company has launched a new product in the U.S introducing a bright red version of their Performance Sleeve range - you can view one of the press releases here. This particular Sigvaris line is for sports people, and the compression socks are designed to improve circulation and flush out lactic acid after workouts. The support socks provide 20 - 30mmHg of graduated compression to the wearer and this particular range is designed to be tightest at the ankle, decreasing in pressure as they go up the leg in order to fight gravity and circulate the blood back to the heart and lungs more efficiently.

We stock a huge range of Sigvaris support hosiery - take a look online here and also find us on - you can view The Leg Care Company page here.