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Compression hosiery is specially designed to apply gentle but graduated pressure (compression) on your ankles

and calfs to increase blood flow to relieve pain, discomfort and swelling.

Compression hosiery is usually prescribed by your GP for conditions that cause poor blood flow in your legs, such as:

 Varicose veins (swollen and enlarged veins)

 Compression hosiery today is elegant, stylish, very fashionable.

 Susie of The Leg-Care Company likes:

Selene 70 compression tights 

Solidea Selene 70 Opaque Tights (12-15mmHg)

 These beautifully silk soft compression tights have an elegant finish, making them ideal for everyday wear.

 Fashionable colours available:  Nero/Black, Moka/Dark brown and Fumo/Brown Barely Black.

And for the evening:

Solidea Marilyn 70 Sheer Hold Up Stockings (12-15mmHg) 28070

These Gorgeous sheer thigh-high Compression Stockings will give your legs style and high energy, with beautiful flat seamed lace band.

These compression stockings will make you look sexy and feel comfy all evening.

                                                                           Solidea Marilyn 70 Compression Sheer Hold Ups Stockings