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Sport's Socks


 Our range of sports compression socks designed specifically for sports.

SupCares compression socks for sport increases the blood circulation from the feet and back to the heart, helping to prevent blood clots and varicose veins, which is at risk when you put pressure on your legs for a long period of time during running or other sports. Using sports compression socks you will experience an improved efficiency, as well as preventing injuries and tired, sore muscles the day after. Studies show that the use of compression socks during sports reduces the muscle pains by 28%. SupCares collection for sport is produced with the latest high-tech fibers on the market. These fibers add unique features designed especially for sports. Among our fibers you will find the popular  CoolMax which is ideal at high temperatures, as it keeps your legs and feet dry 4 times better than cotton. CoolMax has a unique antibacterial surface that absorbs bad odour. 

The award-winning SIGVARIS MOUNTAIN SOCK combines advanced fibre technology with sport-specific design.

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